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IAESTE exchange platform

Institut za ispitivanje materijala, Beograd, 02.08 - 26.08.2022.

IAESTE exchange platform

 Chemical Engineering Inter position at Institute IMS

Yeliz Oztekin

In the IAESTE exchange platform AC Offers database, student Yeliz Oztekin applied for the Chemical Engineering Inter position at Institute IMS. Yeliz Oztekin specialized in the Laboratory for Binder, Chemistry, and Mortars, which is part of the IMS Institute's Center for Materials. The subject of specialization was acquiring knowledge in the field of analytical chemistry for geological materials.

Yeliz Oztekin focused her specialization on two techniques for testing the chemical composition of geological materials: energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) and inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-OES). An integral part of her training was also working on sample preparation techniques for both the mentioned techniques.

From 10.08. to 12.08. 2022. she worked with ICP-OES method preparation using microwave digestion, challenging the new ways of sample preparation for geological samples (historical mortars). There were four samples of historical mortar that were part of the project which her supervisor is a member. The Project is about Roman lime mortar from buildings located along the former Danube Limes in Serbia. This research was supported by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, PROMIS, #6067004, MoDeCo2000. Two different mixtures of dissolving acids were applied. One mixture is H2S04 and HF and the other is HCI and HF. For this type of sample (lime mortars), it turned out that the better option was a mixture of H2S04 and HF. Another mixture of HCI and HF could not completely dissolve the samples. On 15.08.2022. Yeliz Oztekin did more ICP-OES analyses of historical mortars.

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